MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar's MMS Saying That Politics Are For Him Not For SC People
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Noted Telugu news channel TV9 always proves the fact why it stands atop on the TRPs. The kind of programs they make and the coverage they give regarding certain things is exceptional we have to say. And here is a sample of their other day's adventurism.

Recently when MMS clip has come out where Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar is seen hurling abuses at SC community saying that politics are for him not for SC people, at a meeting in one of the villages of his constituency. However, the Telugudesam MLA denied saying those videos and went on accusing that the YSR Congress has doctored the clip with false sound. Later he stated that they are playing only 45 seconds video of it, and requested people to see the 15-minute-length video to understand the context of his comments. 

Taking a bold statement, TV9's dynamic journalist Jaffar went to Denduluru, asking the Dalits, if they really liked (or disliked) what Chintanameni said. Though many of those villagers said that there is no wrong in what the MLA said, Jaffar directly questioned Chintamaneni regarding his statements. He asked the MLA to talk about the social-justice he has done to these Dalits before uttering such comments. 

At one point, Jaffar went on asking the MLA if the latter has donated all of his wealth to Dalits or made any single help for Dalit championship and upliftment. The program looked like an interesting sequence taken out of a Shankar or Koratala Siva's film where journalist Jaffer looked like the lead protagonist. 

If TV9 grills every single MLA this way, surely it is going to be a revolution of sorts. And for the now, Jaffar is trending on social media again.



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