MileStone In Indo-Russia IT Projects: Major Industrial IoT
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Marking a milestone in Indo-Russia Joint IT Ventures, Business Conglomerate Murugappa Group subsidiary and one of India's leading gearbox manufacturers, Shanthi Gears Ltd, has awarded Zyfra, Finnish-Russian Industrial Digitalisation Solutions Provider, a contract to connect its local equipment to Zyfra's MDCplus real-time data collection and monitoring machines, a statement said.

A monitoring system for industrial equipment is an integral component of the digital transformation and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) climate, according to a joint statement by the contracting companies. "It has proven to be in line with the latest cost-effective manufacturing criteria," it said. The release also said that Zyfra has connected more than 100 computerised numerical control (CNC) machines at different facilities owned by Shanthi Gears.

"The integrated package of equipment was supplied, installed and configured by Zyfra, which is also supporting in the monitoring system maintenance and its operation, along with user training support for a duration of one year. With enhanced reliability of data, its customized reports and charts aid the company in assessing and eliminating unnecessary downtime, overall equipment efficiency (OEE) improvement and reduction of production costs. On average, equipment monitoring improves production performance by 20 percent," it added.

The MDCplus system is designed to monitor machine operation, staff productivity and tracking of parts that moves through various manufacturing stages in the shop floor.

"Enterprise digitalisation will change the value chain of manufacturing. Digital initiatives like Machine Data Collection (MDC) will offer more flexibility and effectiveness in a discrete fabrication set-up (High Mix Low Volume). The openness with the data obtained from the production environment in real time allows us to make the right decision, "said Shanthi Gears Ltd. Mr Karunakaran, CEO.

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