Megastar Chiranjeevi Makes Major Changes In Lucifer Telugu Movie Remake
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Megastar Chiranjeevi watched Lucifer, a Malayalam movie and decided to remake the movie. The film's remake rights were purchased by Konidela Production Company and Sujeeth was initially on board to direct the film. Chiranjeevi was not pleased by his version of the script and then VV Vinayak came along. With Chiranjeevi, he directed two remakes and he is currently working on the Lucifer remake. Lucifer is not a perfect script, but the stylish storyline and episodes of the climax made the film a good success. But Lucifer's remake should undergo several changes in order to please the Telugu audience. In the second half, Chiranjeevi wanted Vinayak to work and make the required changes to impress the audience in Tollywood.

Vinayak is currently working on the improvements that Megastar is proposing. As Chiranjeevi needs to wrap up the Acharya and Vedhalam remake shoots, Vinayak has enough time. There are discussions that the other crucial role in Lucifer's remake could be played by Rana Daggubati. After Vinayak completes the script, the final call will be made to the actor. Chiranjeevi wanted Vinayak to lock up the script that would finalise the actors and technicians afterwards. This untitled project will be produced by Konidela Production Company.

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