Massive Fuel Scam By Bunk Operators In Hyderabad. Vehicle Users In Shock
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HYDERABAD: Vehicle users are in for a shock Saturday after Special Operations Team (SOT) sleuths attached to the Cyberabad police blew the lid on a major scam by petrol filling station operators in the state capital. At least 26 people were detained and 13 petrol bunks were confiscated at several filling stations across the city in a coordinated crackdown within Hyderabad limits.

Interestingly, the Cyberabad SOT action also led to a similar drive in Andhra Pradesh where 26 petrol filling stations were confiscated by authorities for allegedly indulging in similar malpractices. According to police, electronic chips hidden in the mother boards of automated metre systems in petrol stations have been used to deceive the gullible consumers of fuel on a daily basis , making rupee crores illegally. The illegally mounted chips ensure that less gasoline, be it petrol or diesel, flows out of the pump even as the automated metre gives the user a precise reading. In this way , at least 30 ML out of every litre of fuel is pilfered according to some figures. The sum of money the erring petrol filling station operators are making is estimated to run into several crores of rupees.

The Cyberabad SOT conducted simultaneous raids on several petrol bunks and inspected their digital metres which led to the unravelling of the massive pilfering fuel scam. It is suspected that the chips used to trick the misled customers are being taken from Mumbai. The SOT vowed to take stern action against all those involved in it, claiming that this form of petrol bunk scam is happening at many places in both the Telugu states. They also said that they organised these bunk operators into a clique to execute their scam.

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