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Young hero Shiva Kandukuri has two films Gamanam and Manu Charitra which are getting ready for release. Meanwhile, teaser of Manu Charitra that is dropped today is loaded with vigorous action.

The teaser begins narrating the suffering and pain of protagonist and the story is set in 80s backdrop. He is badly hit by goons for loving an upper-class girl, but he gets up and starts bike with cigarette in mouth. And showing middle finger on his bike’s name plate indicate his aggressive attitude.

Then, the story shifts to current day. It’s another love story that brings lots of pain to Shiva. His close friend says, “Ila Roju Chasthu Brathike Kanna… Okasari Suicide Cheskoni Chaava Raaduraa…”

Shiva excelled in both the roles and has showed the variation. His getup is different in two different time periods. Megha Akash, Priya Vadlamani and Pragathi Shrivatsav played heroines opposite Shiva, while Daali Dhananjay is the antagonist.

Debutant Bharath Pedagani’s taking is remarkable and Gopi Sundar’s background score is terrific. Kajal Aggarwal presents the movie which is getting ready for release soon.

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