Manchu Vishnu Wins Over Prakash Raj With 106 Vote Majority
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Actor Manchu Vishnu is the new president of the Movie Artistes’ Association (MAA), the actors’ body of the Telugu film industry. In a keenly fought election, Vishnu showed his strength.

Vishnu’s speeches and media interviews went viral. Trolls had a field day. He didn’t react. He went on with his campaigning. He planned to be in the news always and interacted with the majority of the members personally. He did the groundwork well. No wonder that he won against Prakash Raj with more than 110 votes.

Manchu Vishnu has relied on little-known actors or actors who are not active in the industry. His aggressive campaigning has also helped him in a big way.

Manchu Vishnu took the elections as a prestige issue for him. Using every available resource, Vishnu went all out to win the election. Prakash Raj and his panel lacked poll management. Plus, the local and non-local issues have given the advantage to Vishnu.

Vishnu’s clout will increase in the industry now.

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