Manchu Manoj Counter Attack To Kutumba Rao With A Open Challange Letter
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The fee reimbursement row between TDP and Manchu family is turned into big controversy. Yesterday planning commission co-chairman Kutumba Rao issued a press statement claiming that Andhra Pradesh government owes Rs 6.48 crore and rest of the dues were cleared. He also criticized Mohan Babu for politicizing the whole issue.

Reacting to Kutumba Rao's statements, hero Manchu Manoj has penned an open letter to Kutumba Rao. In the letter Manoj claimed that the government did not clear full amount of first installment of fee reimbursement while very minimal amount is paid as installment and not a penny is paid for the third installment. Regarding the same, an IAS officer had inspected the Sri Vidyaniketan institute in Tirupati and assured that all the dues will be cleared in a week or so. But till date there is no response from the government. According his father and chairman Mohan Babu staged a protest.

Manoj also countered Kutumba Rao's comments who said when government is reimbursing the fee, from where Mohan Babu is providing free education. "From whatever my father has earned as an actor, with that money, we are offering education to 25 percent students irrespective of caste and religion. If you have any doubts, please do come and check or send tax officials to our institutes. This is an open challenge," said Manoj.



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