Mahaghatbandhan Is Misleading People Across The Country Says Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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Amid escalating tensions at India-Pakistan border, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's much-dubbed Visakhapatnam visit was full of political rhetoric directed towards AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and the leaders of Mahaghatbandhan formed against the BJP, ahead of the upcoming General elections.

Not mincing words, Prime Minister Modi said that "this Chief Minister (Chandrababu) wants Modi out because he cannot stand Modi's strong retaliation to our enemies globally and only Modi can do it - he knows it very well that we are giving a new direction to India," he added. Stating that Mahaghatbandhan is misleading people across the country, he said that this alliance of Opposition parties is fighting a strong government "which puts the nation first. Because of this, our enemy is now getting scared and bowing down to India."

Raking up the India-Pakistan tensions, Modi said: "When whole world is asking Pakistan to answer, some of them in India are asking questions which are weakening the morale of our armed forces. "Because of these, some of these people are being praised in Pakistan Parliament, their names are being hailed in Pakistan...I urge you to question these people." 

Putting a direct question to the leaders of Mahaghatbandhan, he said that "in Opposing Modi, why are they betraying the people of this country and talking in support of Pakistan? Is your politics against Modi or against India? You are doing more damage to our country by going against it," adding that when there is a strong government at the Centre, every person will be happy.

Bringing the context of the state, he said: "Visakhapatnam is a place which is crucial place for lakhs of youth from state and across the country. It is our duty to make the dreams of these youth come true. I have come to Visakhapatnam with good news. We have taken a decision to create a South Coastal Railways, headquartered here in Visakhapatnam and this is the sweet news that I wanted to give," he said, elaborating on the announcement made by the Centre recently. 

"This is our promise which has been fulfilled according to the AP Reorganisation Act, 2014. This will increase opportunities, revenue and transportation to Andhra Pradesh and it reflects our commitment to Andhra Pradesh. This also exposes those people who are corrupt and have been cheating the people of AP with their constant lies. They are also the same people who are encouraging their own family members, rather than giving a bright future to the daughters and sons of Andhra Pradesh. 

Whether it is taking Visakhapatnam airport to international standards or 6-lane national highways or Petroleum Varsity or multi-modal logistics hub or petroleum refinery, "we will strive to make all these projects come true. And, mind you, they are worth crores. We have made these decisions because we are honest while working, we do not get scared that any files against us will open or whether our legacy would be damaged like those who are corrupt and it keeps haunting them," the Prime Minister explained.

"The Chief Minister is an expert in U-turn and it has become a habit. He blames Modi because he doesn't work. What is he going to do for Andhra Pradesh, what will he do for India? Ask him about what he will do, rather than focussing on getting me ousted as the Prime Minister. The TDP Chief, here, is hell-bent on getting Modi ousted because he has provided opportunities to poor, middle-class and all those who deserve them. And, Modi has also thrown out middlemen, corrupt people and all those fraudsters who cheat people. 

Elaborating on the Central schemes, he said: "PM Kisan Samman Nidhi is benefitting small and marginal farmers across the country. Of these, there are several farmers from Andhra Pradesh who will benefit from this scheme. This is for their input costs. Please remember that this is just the beginning of a new India," he reminded, people gathered at the public meeting. 

"We are also working on Sagarmala project which includes Andhra Pradesh. We are developing fisheries sector and related coast corridor infrastructure, ports, harbours and fish landing centres," he added. The Prime Minister also explained about the BJP's efforts in reducing tax on taxpayers, GST rate slashed for houses under-construction and other measures taken by the government, reflecting confidence that BJP will come back to power in 2019 at the Centre.



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