Mahabubnagar: Devakadra MLA Ala Venkateshwar Reddy Receives Corona Warrior Award
Category: Telangana

Mahabubnagar: Devarkadra MLA Ala Venkateshwar Reddy, yesterday, on Monday, received the Corona Warrior award from the Vishwaguru World Records Organization at his home here. Vishwaguru World Record representative Rambabu said during the presentation of the award that Ala Venkateshwar Reddy was awarded during the Corona pandemic and during the lockdown period for his earnest service to the public. "Ala Venkateshwar Reddy served the people without fear and mingled with the people during the emergency period, giving them all that was necessary," he said.

The MLA has lived with people visiting each and every village and town in the Devarkadra district over the past six months and remained with people during health emergencies and during the extreme coronavirus situation. Rambabu noted that he praised the MLA for his public service and hailed him as the best Corona Warrior, who had always thought of people despite the danger. The MLA thanked members of the Vishwaguru World Records organisation for nominating him for the award and said that he will continue to work for people's welfare. The MLA said that since there is no vaccine on the deadly disease market yet, people must therefore be cautious and safe until a solution for the complete cure of the deadly virus emerges.

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