Locust Swarms Enter Gurugram, Border Areas In Delhi; Several UP Districts Suffer Crop Damage
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DELHI/GURUGRAM/LUCKNOW: Swarms of locusts entered Gurugram in Haryana and border areas of the national capital on Saturday, and attacked crops in another half a dozen districts in Uttar Pradesh, prompting authorities to sound an alert while the Centre deputed more teams from Rajasthan to assist in the control operations.
The locust swarms have been coming in waves into Rajasthan from Pakistan over the last one and a half months and devouring crops along their path as they cross from one state to another. The border state has now asked the Centre to use helicopters for spraying insecticides to exterminate the locusts.
The skies over many parts of Gurugram turned dark around noon as a swarm spread over several kilometres descended on the city from Rewari district where it had settled at night.






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