Lawrencce Says People To Watch Jersey Too
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Normally, people don't really feel happy about competition. There is no chill when you have some film breathing down your neck.

If people have said that your film is better than the other one but the other one keeps grossing bigger than yours, you will certainly be hurt. 

But when you genuinely feel both the movies should be a hit? Such kind of occasions come really rare as everyday we are said that there is only top spot. 

This kind of competition is good when it is played in the right spirit but harmful when you overdo it. 

Lawrencce master understands this and he talked about Jersey at his success meet. He said, ''I watched Jersey last night and people should watch that movie. It is really very good!'' 

He surprised many with such comments. Later about Kanchana-3, he said, ''I saw the film 100 times before releasing and did every film with audiences in mind. I worked for 2 years on the film and it made me happy to see such response. 

Soon, movie will collect 100 crores gross and I am thankful each and everyone who watched and encouraged us. Soon, we will come up with a new story to take the franchise forward!'' 



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