KTR-'It's Gully Boys Vs Delhi Boys In Telangana'
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In the GHMC polls, the campaign slogans turned curious and hard hitting. A tense exchange between the TRS and the BJP marked the entire campaign, while the Congress went on to comment on a secret agreement between KCR-KTR and Modi-Shah. Interestingly, the Congress began to suggest that the Bharatiya Janata Party was growing in Hyderabad city limits only because of the TRS. In Modi and Shah, the BJP roped in and projected their picture to win over the electorate. The saffron party, with its representatives visiting temples and wearing tilak all the time, tried to appeal to Hindu voters.

The TRS regime was ruled out as a corrupt family rule responsible for invasions of nalas that created havoc during recent heavy rains. The TRS, for its part, introduced the slogan 'Gully boys vs Delhi boys'. TRS star campaigner KTR is constantly asking the voters if they want the local Gully boys or the Delhi boys who remain far away and are unavailable to them immediately. KTR is pushing the slogan of Delhi boys into the voters as the BJP has become heavily reliant on the visit of PM Modi and the road show of Amit Shah. The BJP, on its side, is hitting hard on the family law of KCR-KTR.

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