KTR Vs JP Nadda: KTR Stong Counter -The ‘Adda’ Of Nadda Lies In Erragadda
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"The 'Adda' of Nadda lies in Erragadda mental hospital," TRS working president KT Rama Rao remarked on Wednesday in response to BJP national president JP Nadda's remark that "TRS was Beta, Beti, Bhanja party." The TRS working president, speaking during a press conference, referred to the BJP as the "Bakwas Jumla Party." It merely talks about "Sab ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas," but he claims that it actually works for "Sab Ka Vinash aur Satyanash." 

KTR stressed that BJP has done nothing for the poor since 2014. He claimed that Nadda's mental equilibrium had been thrown off. "The Modi government uses Hamla because we refer to them as Jumla when they use govt., organisations ED, CBI, and NIA to create fear in the Opposition. They are just interested in causing communal unrest in order to gain votes in the country." he added.

On the charges of corruption in Kaleshwaram, KT Rama Rao said Nadda must clarify whether he or Union Minister of State for Jal Shakti Bishweshwar Tudu had lost mental equilibrium. In response to a question in the Lok Sabha, the minister replied that no examples of corruption had been brought to the government's attention. 

JP Nadda had no right to make comments about family rule, according to Rao. Jaishree Banerjee, Nadda's mother-in-law, was also a politician. He said that everyone whom Nadda commented played a pivotal rule in Telangana agitation and won the polls with a greater majority. He further mentioned that “While KCR is running the state govt., like Statesman, the BJP government at the Centre are ruling like a salesman, selling off all public sector enterprises”. In this context KTR added that “KCR is a boon to Telangana state and serves as an ATM to the State".

According to KTR, Centre copies Telangana schemes and in turn makes useless comments on its Developments. By 2022, the Prime Minister had vowed that every home will have a house, running water, electricity, and toilets. We haven't seen anything like this in India, and we haven't even seen it in his own state of Gujarat. 

According to KTR, he completely failed to keep his promises. Another promise was made, which was still on paper, of tripling farmers' income by 2022. He went on to say that the Prime Minister's convoy was delayed for more than 20 minutes on the road in Punjab on Wednesday. This reflects his current position in the country. He wondered what had happened to the BJP's promise of bullet trains in the country by 2022, which he claimed to be  "another Jhumla." 

KTR said that the Telangana state was in first place with 96.8% open defecation free villages, with Tamil Nadu in second place. States governed by the BJP were nowhere to be found. He claimed that there are 15 million job openings in India that the Modi government has failed to fill. Governments led by the BJP lack the capacity to fill them, but they accuse us. 


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