KTR- 'Keshavapuram Reservoir Will Quench Hyderabad City Thirst Till 2050'
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Hyderabad: Yesterday, on Tuesday, KTR, Minister of MAUD, confirmed that the Keshavapuram reservoir will provide Hyderabad city with continuous water supply until 2050. TS CM KCR will soon lay the groundwork for the initiative, he said. The MAUD Minister reviewed the progress of the project 's work with officials from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) in Hyderabad. He said the acquisition of 1,490 acres for the reservoir construction was almost complete and once the reservoir was completed; there would be no drinking water crisis in Hyderabad until 2050.

KTR said the TS CM had ordered the development of an exclusive reservoir that would meet the city's drinking water needs. During the meeting, KTR instructed officials to intensify their efforts to obtain second-stage forest department permits, as the preliminary permits had already been obtained. He said that it was the vision of CM KCR to have an exclusive reservoir for Hyderabad and to ensure that there were no long-term drinking water problems in the city. The MAUD Minister announced that the capacity for sewerage treatment will be increased in the region. In building more sewage treatment plants, the state government focused on clean water bodies and zero discharge of waste into the lakes. Approximately 770 million litres of sewage per day (MLD) are currently being handled in the city and this ability will be increased by an additional 1,200 MLD of ability, he said.

"Compared to other metro cities in the country, Hyderabad is already in the top position with the current capacity of sewage treatment. However, in addition to the existing ones, another 1,200 STPs will be built," KTR said. The Minister also instructed the officials of the water board to compile a report as per the Hyderabad master plan on the specifications of new STPs and send the same to the government in a week.

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