King Nagarjuna On AP Ticket Prices: Netizens Smell Selfishness!!!
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AP Govt.,conflict over ticket prices with Telugu Film Industry(TFI) continues to hinder upcoming major events. Several filmmakers have already expressed grave worry about the AP ticket rates, which are unsustainable. Medium and big-budget films are unable to recoup their costs due to the low ticket prices. 

The AP government has been openly criticised by everyone from Pawan Kalyan to Nani to Narayana Murthy and Ram Gopal Varma. Chiranjeevi and others are attempting to reach out to the government of Andhra Pradesh. Mohan Babu has written a letter encouraging everyone to stick together and address the issue of ticket costs.

In the midst of all of this, Nagarjuna's opinion over ticket prices the other day stunned the industry. Nag claims that the current ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh are sufficient for his film Bangarraju. He stated that ticket costs will have no bearing on his film. Nag, on the other hand, could simply be presenting his version of events and pondering the fate of his film. But what about the other films that are bearing the brunt of the criticism?

Sources say that many people in the Industry are considering Nagarjuna's statements on ticket prices in the industry to be "selfish" because he has a personal relationship with CM Jagan. Instead, a celebrity like King Nagarjuna should show support for those who are protesting the AP government's ticket prices and other restrictions on Tollywood. The change has a negative impact on exhibitors, distributors, and producers. 

King Nag words, on the whole, are unwelcoming by the Netizens, especially at this point. Because these remarks will benefit the AP YCP government and ministers Perni Nani and Kodali Nani. Nagarjuna words, in turn, are likely to have an impact on the chances of other filmmakers who are doing their best.



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