Kiara Bold Video On Her Hair Cut Left Her Fans In Shock
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In-demand actress Kiara Advani is once again grabbing attention, and this time, it is not because of her films. The actress shared a shocking video on her Instagram that made her followers go into dismay. Kiara is seen chopping off her long hair in the video for real.

Not only did she chopped off her beautiful and bouncy hair, but she also rapped simultaneously about her fast, restless, and hectic lifestyle. No matter what, Kiara has absolutely nailed it. The rap had lines, "Just cut it, cut it, cut it."

She also rapped on hair care and how she failed in doing so. She believes cutting it off was the only solution as she had been neglecting them for a very long time. "Guilty as charged! Just had to chop it off, been neglecting proper hair care for too long and thought this was the only the solution,' read her caption. This video has received mixed responses. A few of her fans praised Kiara’s new look and a few expressed their disappointment. 



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