Kesineni Nanis FB Posts Making More News
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Of late, Kesineni Nani's FB posts are making more news than anything else. Nani's comments over prevailing politics on his Facebook wall are creating a stir among TDP leaders and its party workers.

In his fresh post, Nani has cracked a satire that YCP MLA Kodali Nani, who has got ministry in Jagan's cabinet, should be loyal and thankful to TDP's Devineni Uma. Kesineni Nani had indicated that it was Devineni Uma who was behind Kodali Nani's success and ministry.

Going into details, Devineni Avinash from TDP was pitted against Kodali Nani in Gudivada Assembly constituency. Uma had played a crucial role in Avinash's candidature in Gudivada against Kodali Nani. However, Uma has totally failed in working for Avinash and making him win from Gudivada. This is not all. Kesineni Nani is of the opinion that Uma was behind the poor performance of TDP in Krishna district. When TDP was in power for the past 5 years, Uma had ministry and it was alleged that Uma had not cared about party workers and leaders in Krishna district. It was alleged that Devineni Uma had focused only on keeping his power, control on district intact and failed to keep up with the local leadership resulting in huge defeat to TDP.

In this background, Kesineni Nani had commented that Kodali Nani should be thankful to Devineni Uma. Now this post of Kesineni Nani is creating storm in TDP circles. Meanwhile, TDP leaders are alleging that Kesineni Nani's FB posts are creating further damage to the party and seeking party chief Chandrababu Naidu's intervention. Not long ago, Kesineni Nani had took to his Facebook page to deny/reject TDP whip post in parliament and this too had caused a great debate.

Rumours are also rife that Nani could cross over to BJP as he had met Nitin Gadkari and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu and sought their blessings. However, Nani had clarified that he has no intention to switch party and would continue to develop his parliament constituency.



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