KCR Surprising Mlas With Phone Calls
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The first question that TRS MLAs are asking one another is if they got a call from the KCR. Those who got the call are happy and those who haven't got a call till now, are a worried lot.

Usually, KCR is among the most inaccessible leaders in Telugu states. Even ministers find it difficult to meet him. But, these days KCR himself is calling up some MLAs. The MLAs are pleasantly shocked getting phone calls from the Chief Minister.

TheTRS circles are agod with animated discussions over this.The CM is said to be calling MLAs, including those who defected from other parties also and is asking them about their preparations for the next election.  He is informing them that there could be snap polls. If not  in November, it could be in January or February. He is asking them to prepare for any eventuality and mobilize financial resources. To most of these MLAs, he is said to be almost confirming that they would be given party ticket.

When the MLAs tried to tell them about the situation in their constituencies, KCR is surprising them by reeling details about the situatin in their respective constituencies.  He is also telling them not to leave anything to chance

While this has given great happiness to all those who got the calls, the MLAs, who haven’t got the calls are a worried lot. They are worried in view of the reports that some sitting MLAs may not be given tickets. At least up to 20 per cent of the sitting MLAs may not be given the party tickets. There are also reports that KCR is calling up MLAs only after confirming their position in the constituency through three or four surveys.

One thing is for sure. There is no better political manager in the Telugu states than KCR. He knows how to mould public opinion and how to prepare for the elections.



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