KCR Quick Action On A Farmers Social Media Post
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A young farmer Sharath from Mancherial district in Telangana has put out a video on Facebook seeking an action from state CM on the corrupt officials, who failed to respond for his multiple requests about the ownership of his lands. As a result, he is not able to take benefit of any govt welfare schemes.

So, Sharath demanded Telangana government to take action the corrupt revenue officials for their inaction and urged the netizens to spread it considering it as every farmer's problem. As the video went viral on Internet, CM KCR himself has jumped into action and ordered district collector Bharati Hollikere to suspend those revenue officials and got the land related issue resolved in next few hours. Bharati, who visited Sharath's residence, has handed over the cheque of Rs 31,200 to his father.

In the meanwhile, KCR has directly phoned Sharath and assured him of speedy redressal. The telephonic conversation between them also is going viral on internet. While few netizens are calling it as 'PR stunt' ahead of Lok Sabha polls, several others are applauding him for his exemplary work. KCR, while speaking to Sharath, assured him that all such technical problems will get resolved soon and asked him to tell the public about government's quick response to his issue via the social media. 



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