KCR Never Stops Surprising People
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Telangana CM KCR never stops surprising people. After making a slew of rnsnide remarks and even passing an anti-CAA resolution in the Assembly, rnKCR has suddenly become a fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He not rnonly praised Narendra Modi's Janata Curfew but also joined the staff andrn family members in clapping at 5 PM on Sunday.

Not just that. He rnalso slammed those trolling the Prime Minister for his call to clap for rnthe medical staff. He asked the police to book cases against those rntrolling Modi. He said he s the Prime Minister of the Country and has rnthe welfare of the people at heart. How can anyone criticise the prime rnminister, he said with anger.

But, why this sudden love for Modi?rn Is it because of the Corona emergency? Or is there more than meets the rneye? Is he trying to get closer to Narendra Modi once again? After all, rnModi did not give him an audience on at least two occasions and the rnlocal BJP is going hammer and tongs against the TRS government. rnPolitical watchers feel that KCR is up to a bigger thing and could even rnjoin the NDA in the coming days.



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