Kaushal And Some Finalists Missing In Birthday Party Of Syamala
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The house of #BigBoss2 came pretty close to the hearts of Telugu fans as the contestants touched them on emotional base. And then, Kaushal became the biggest heartthrob, thereby eventually winning the crown for the second season. But how are the inmates bonding after coming out of the house?

Other day the inmates of the house reached anchor Syamala's house, to celebrate her birthday. While Samrat, Tanish, Tejaswi, Pooja, Amit Tiwari, Bhanu Sri, and Deepthi Sunaina made their presence felt, three more powerful housemates, the finalists as well, went missing from the celebration. 

Firstly, we have to talk about Kaushal, the winner and it seems like he is not at all mingling with any of the housemates after coming out. He's with his event management company which is currently hosting few events in Goa where Kaushal is also meeting his fans. And then, Syamala's closeness to TV9 Deepthi as they are called pinni-vadina of the house brings us to the point where is the news anchor missing. 

Then there is singer Geetha Madhuri, who has grown close with TV9 Deepthi and Syamala in no time, but she is also missing at the celebration. However recently Geetha posed with Syamala at another party, which clears that all is well between them. 

The absence of Kaushal and Geetha is explained, but TV9 Deepthi's absence is something we have to find out. 





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