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Kaala starring Rajinikanth is releasing today and not many film enthusiasts are excited about it. 

Rajini and Pa. Ranjith’s previous film Kabali had letdown audience big time that even fans are not betting on Kaala now.

Not just in Telugu states, the buzz in Tamilnadu also has been pretty low. Every attempt of producer Dhanush to boost the hype went in vain.

However, Kaala can still pick up and rock the box office if it manages to get good word of mouth and reviews.

Pa. Ranjith seems to have taken care of commercial elements and Rajni mannerisms this time unlike Kabali.

Trailers weren’t able to generate the buzz though. So the onus is on superstar to save this film from tanking at box office due to disinterest of film buffs.

Greatandhra brings to you the Kaala experience and all the excitement of this gripping fare live via tweet review.

Kaala begins with a voice over about the Pure Mumbai project in Dharavi.

A simple introduction of Rajinikanth. No hungama. He plays gully cricket.

As Dharavi Dhobi ghat is being demolished by Sampath, Kaala Seth (Rajinikanth) enters the scene.

Family scenes are going on. Eeshwari Rao is Kaala's wife.

"Yama Greatu" song is going on.

Huma as Zareena's entry has happened. Movie is going slowly.

Flashback of how Rajinikanth and Huma fell in love and why they broke up is told with animation visuals.

Slow narration.

End of family and romantic episode. Movie switches to main plot.

Now time for first action scene. "Kya Re Setting aa" scene.

Huge rain fight sequence. Shot well. Best scene so far.

Finally Nana Patekar as Hari Dada is here. First scene between Rajini and Nana. Movie is heading towards interval.



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