Justice NV Ramana Breaks His Silence And Makes Indirect Remarks On YSRCP Govt
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Following AP CM YS Jagan's letter to the Chief Justice of India, Justice NV Ramana, the sitting judge of the Supreme Court, was in the eye of a political storm. He was accused by AP CM of manipulating the AP High Court to issue judgments against the policies and programmes of his government. In the midst of this, Justice Ramana broke his silence and made indirect remarks on ethics and principles that, in tough times, one must stand for. It should be remembered that for all his victories over demons and anti-socialists, one should not remember Lord Rama. For how steadfastly he stood by his principles when facing trials and tribulations, one should recall him. At a condolence meeting of the late Justice AR Lakshmanan, who served as a Supreme Court Judge, Justice Ramana delivered his address online.

NV Ramana recalled the words of Justice Laksmnan that the Indian judiciary, including the bar and the bench, together has passed on to the nation a rich legacy of loyalty, effectiveness and fearlessness.  For the protection of a strong and independent judicial system, everyone must work hard. Justice Ramana pointed out that by force, one cannot win credibility and the confidence of people. We will be judged not by what we have, but by what we have done and what all of its ramifications are. Our riches are our beliefs. We shall never forget it. With bravery, we must face and resolve tension, stresses and challenges. Confidence alone would be the greatest asset of the judiciary.

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