JC Family- Father Controversial Approach- The Son Safe Game
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JC Diwakar Reddy doesn't mince his words irrespective of the topic. He dared to say Rs 50 crore per constituency has been spent by all the parties in the recent elections. This comment stirred a huge controversy and led to a serious debate on the election expenditure.

When quizzed about his Father's comments, JC Pavan Reddy opted for a safe tactic by saying he has got nothing to do with them. He decided to disown instead of defending his Father even though the comments made by him aren't far away from reality.

JC Diwakar Reddy is known for his fearlessness and aggressive attitude. That is why he was able to attain a mass image. In contrast, JC Pavan Reddy prefers a non-controversial path by continuing as a soft-spoken person. How does JC Fans adjust to this drastic difference?

Interestingly, JC Pavan Reddy informed his Father have plans to establish an NGO to create awareness on after-effects of rising election expenditure. If JC Diwakar Reddy could nothing despite being in politics for decades, How can he change everything with an NGO? First of all, JC Brothers should stop bribing voters if they are really committed for a change.



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