Janasena Leader Is Being Targeted Non-stop By Anti Media For No Reason
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If your enemy does any good, ignore it. And if he does something wrong, glorify it with a magnifying glass. This seems to be the motive for a section of anti-media and anti-fans who have been targeting Janasena president Pawan Kalyan.

The so called anti-media didn't highlight Pawan's appreciable gesture when he gave Janasena tickets to hardworking candidates by ignoring rich, poor, caste and religion prejudices. However, just one MP ticket for his brother Nagababu seems to be Pawan's biggest crime for a section of media and the Janasena leader is being targeted non-stop.

When Pawan decided to contest in Gajuwaka and Bheemavaram in the upcoming general elections, his and Janasena think-tank's idea was to strengthen the party in both the regions. But the antis are propagating rumours that Pawan is contesting in two constituencies as he is scared of defeat. Several websites, TV channels and news dailies are working extra time to blatantly highlight even the minutest mistakes of Pawan.

This section of media is conveniently ignoring if Pawan did any good by not giving any coverage, but is over enthusiastic about showcasing all his negativities. Pawan fans are valiantly countering all the anti tactics by the yellow media. However, it is still unclear how all those neutrals who follow these media houses are being influenced.



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