Jagans Clever Move On Pensions
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As part of Andhra Pradesh's new Chief Minister Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy's Navrathnalu, old-age pensions were announced to be increased to Rs. 3000, as the first promise he made to people from the dais in Vijayawada. Stating that the YSR Congress Party is implementing as promised, he said that currently Rs. 1000 is the pension and 'Avvalu and thathalu' are not happy with it while some informed him they that they don't even receive it.

Taking a cue from them during Padayatra, he shared that he would increase the pensions to Rs. 3000. However, as a clever caveat within this, he said that currently pension of Rs. 2,250 will be given and every year, in the next five years, the pension will be hiked by Rs. 250 annually, which will take it in the last term to Rs. 3000. 

While many have fallen for his promise, political observers say that this is a very clever move by YSR Congress party to keep people on his side and increase pension every year. 'It will seem like a hike rather than increasing it just before elections. This phase-wise (yearly) increase is a good idea to keep people's trust in him beyond the next five years,' explained a political analyst. 

Looks like Jagan's bag of surprises never ends. With today's announcements after taking oath, he has definitely won a lot of hearts. We should see whether he will keep the momentum going as everything feels good right now. 



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