Jagan Will Send Chandrababu To Jail For 16 Yrs
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YCP leader and minister Peddireddy Ramchandra Reddy stated that former CM and current Opposition Leader Chandrababu Naidu will be jailed for 16 years. Panchayat Raj, Mining and Rural Development Minister Peddireddy said, "Since our leader YS Jagan was jailed for 16 months, we will send Chandrababu Naidu to jail for 16 years." Peddireddy said Jagan administration is 'digging deep' into Naidu's decisions and trying to dig out the corruption that had taken place in his tenure. He enthused that Jagan would send Naidu to Jail for 16 years as the government is 'serious' over Naidu's 'corruption'.

Talking about the Sand Crisis in the state, Peddireddy said Opposition is making "unnecessary" fuss over the 'unavailability' of sand. He said that Pawan Kalyan is dancing to the tunes of Chandrababu. Peddireddy said Janasena and TDP are not different. "If Chandrababu says 'Tana', Pawan will say 'Tandana'," said Peddireddy.

Peddireddy said there is abundant rain fall in Jagan's rule whereas there were droughts and lack of rains in Naidu's three terms. Peddireddy said the 'unavailability' of sand is temporary owing to the floods. He asked the people and construction workers to not worry about it as the sand would be available once floods slow down.



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