Jagan Is Jaga Mondi-Chandrababu
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With a power crisis looming large in Andhra Pradesh, Opposition leader and former CM Chandrababu Naidu has blasted CM Jagan for poor handling of crucial issues.

Blaming Jagan and his administration for power crisis that arose with the coal shortage, Chandrababu said it is not viable to depend on Thermal Power. He said that's why his government had relied on alternative power such as Solar Power, Wind Power. He said neither Jagan knows nor he listens to good things from others.

"Jagan is Jaga Mondi. Jagan ki telidu, evarayina chebithe vinadu. Ide Rashtraniki Sapam." (Jagan is stubborn and adamant. He doesn't know and he won't listen to others).

Chandrababu went onto list Jagan's failures. He alleged that Jagan administration is reversing the development of the state in all aspects. Naidu alleged that Jagan has even reversed TDP's uninterrupted power supply.

He said the industry sector is badly affected with the power cuts. Naidu said Jagan's poor rule is the reason behind unannounced, sudden power cuts. Pointing at Jagan's promise of 9 hours power supply, Naidu alleged that the YCP government has cut the promise into half and delivering only 4.5 hours power supply.

Raising the issue of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Chandrababu found fault with Jagan and said that CM's decision of renegotiation of PPAs is also one of the reasons behind power deficit.

Chandrababu said thermal power is not reliable and also harm for atmosphere, environment. Naidu advised the government to focus on alternative powers like Solar Power and Wind Power which are good for environment.



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