Jagan Impolite Manner-Insulted Puthalapattu MLA Dr Suneel At His House
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Puthalapattu MLA Dr Suneel, who had been waiting for over two hours outside Jagan's residence and party office, has been denied entry inside. Suneel is said to be deeply upset with the gross insult occurred to him. Suneel, along with his family, has been waiting outside YCP party office at Lotus Pond. Suneel came to meet Jagan. But Suneel's entry is restricted and it caused a lot of flutter.

Punganur MLA Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, who had noticed Suneel waiting outside Lotus Pond, said to have gone inside acting as if he hadn't noticed Suneel. This said to have further upset Suneel. Tempers are flaring up near Lotus Pond as several ticket aspirants and their followers, supporters thronged Lotus Pond.

A few sitting MLAs were denied entry as Jagan is said to have found other options to field in the respective constituencies. Even some YCP leaders are finding fault with Jagan for this kinda approach as there is a way to convey on seat rejection in polite, gracious manner. 



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