Jagan Babai YV Subba Reddy Is Still Upset
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The going to be former YSRCP MP YV Subba Reddy is still upset with YS Jagan over denying ticket. From February, Subba Reddy was not seen in Prakasham district and the cadre who followed him have split into three groups. Also Subba Reddy turned helpless unable to work with Balineni Srinivas Reddy and Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy who are in election race and so he remained silent as he could not dare to work against party in the district.

As an MP, Subba Reddy was always available in the constituency. He had basic knowledge about all the problems and he assured to the people that he would solve each and every one if voted for the second time. Unexpectedly Subba Reddy got snubbed and through his contacts, he tried his best to get ticket inspite of party announcing candidates. Having fought till the last minute, Subba Reddy was unable to face his supporters in the district and that's why till date, he did not step in Prakash district.

Moreover with Subba Reddy's supporters and sympathisers splitting to three groups, it will certainly show its influence on the results and surprisingly YSRCP leaders have not bothered about it. Magunta's group did not mingle with Subba Reddy as the former had issues with the latter. May 23rd will be date to know how much damage was done by ignoring Subba Reddy.

While this is happening at one end, Subba Reddy claims that he was assigned to work for party in Godavari districts and so he could be available in Prakasham district.



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