Jagan And KCR’s Conflicts Set BJP In Corner
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The Bharatiya Janata Party has been giving a tough time to KCR from the beginning. It is also adopting a confusing stand on AP by indirectly supporting Jaganmohan Reddy on some issues while opposing him on some others. As on today, the BJP is having a near confrontation with the ruling parties in both Telugu States. Amid this volatile political situation, the simmering water disputes reached a flash point.

Seen as die-hard friends, KCR and Jagan Reddy are now criticising each other on Krishna river projects. KCR kept relatives silent initially but began attacking AP once BJP Telangana unit complained and got the Centre to stall Jagan’s pet project of Rayalaseema irrigation scheme. Obviously, KCR is criticising AP and raising his voice against Jagan projects only to avoid any scope for the BJP to whip up Telangana sentiment based on water issues. From his side, Jagan Reddy was also waiting for an opportunity to confront the BJP directly. The best way was to oppose and ignore the Centre on irrigation projects. Whatever, KCR and Jagan were now fighting against each other. Analysts, however, call their fight just a shadow boxing aimed at causing political embarrassment to the BJP in the Telugu States rather. Under any circumstances, Telugu CMs would not hurt each considering their immediate political priorities.

Who is now going to get caught in the sham crossfire between KCR and Jagan Reddy? Undoubtedly, the BJP is going to be cornered. If Telangana projects are allowed, it would face a greater crisis in AP. If projects were stalled in both the States, still the BJP would have to answer to the people. Irrigation projects now prove to be a very unlikely choice for the BJP Government at the Centre to use them against KCR and Jagan right now.

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