Its Official- Srikanth Addala Will Direct Asuran Remake
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One of the remake movies senior producer Suresh Babu is taking quite prestigious is the Tamil film 'Asuran' which will have his brother Venkatesh reprising the role played by Dhanush in Telugu version. Day by day, the film is garnering attention due to the names of directors getting attached to.

It is a known fact that Suresh Babu is searching for the right director rnto carve out this intense crime drama that is woven around the lives of arn downtrodden family. Earlier the name of Hanu Raghavapudi popped up and rnit is even heard that he's writing his version of the script too. To putrn a full stop to all the rumours around, Suresh Babu has given clarity rnnow.

With media folks approaching Suresh Babu to reveal the namern of the direction, the producer clarified that Srikanth Addala is going rnto direct the movie. He has informed that in a couple of days the rnofficial announcement will also come out regarding the same. While rnSrikanth is known for love stories and subtle subjects one wonders what rnmade Venky and Suresh pick him.

On the other hand, Suresh Babu rnclarified that the original flavour will be retained in this movie and rnthe caste system angle will be toned down a bit unlike the original.



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