Its A Gossip No Says Rashmika To Kannada Media
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With Rashmika Mandanna and Vijay Devarakonda duo going to Kochi and Bangalore to promote the Malayalam and Kannada versions of "Dear Comrade" movie, surely there are lots of media folks who want to ask them about the 'rumours'. But it looks like Rashmika is not in a spot to take it.

As she started interacting with the press in Bangalore, one journo posed in Kannada, 'You broke up with Rakshit Shetty after doing Geetha Govindam in Telugu and you settled there, but neither you or Rakshit are answering any gossip, about your new love story or breakup story'. 

After hearing the lengthy beamer, Rashmika reacted it in a feathery light way. "Such a long question, but like you said, it's a gossip no", she said. 

'But all these gossips are doing heavy rounds on social media, so what will your fans think about them?', the journo pressed it again. "My fans are quite excited and I'm always in touch with them via social media, so there is no need to worry", declares Rashmika, in a cool tone. 

The twist is, why would a chatpata like Vijay Devarakonda sit silent as this conversation is going on. "I don't understand your question properly, but it is none of anyone's business, it is just a personal question, that's it", he cracked it up. 



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