It Looks Suspicious That TTD Accept Rs.14 core Donation
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A few days ago, the owner of the firm ‘Udveg Infra’ came to Thirumala and announced that he would build a children’s hospital with three hundred crores.

It was announced as a donation by the firm owner to TTD. TTD has made an MOU with the firm owner. TTD also decided to allot 10 acres of land worth Rs.400 crores for the hospital.

At that time, many wondered why the TTD is accepting this in the form of MoU other than cheques or online transactions.

It was later revealed that the Udvag was a suitcase company and it was also revealed that there were not even three hundred crores in their account. TTD officials kept the MOU confidential.

But, TDP released the MoU documents to the media. In that, they found that Rs. 14 crores are to be paid in advance. It remains to be known whether those fourteen crores were paid by TTD as advance or not.

It looks suspicious that the TTD, which has decided to accept the donation, has agreed to pay Rs.14 crores in return. More details on this are awaited.

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