Is There Any Strategy For YSRCP To Stay Away From TV Ads
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There could be a lot of Telugudesam Party ads that could be seen all over the news channels right now in Andhra Pradesh. Let us say that the likes of Janasena, AP Congress and BSP, CPI, CPM can't afford TV ads, but why YS Jagan led YSR Congress is not utilizing this ad-space is the biggest question now.

Regarding the same, various opinions are being shared by analysts and here are a few.

Jagan might have thought..

--When Sakshi TV is there for us, why spending for ads on other channels?

--With a couple of TV channels covering all activities of YSRC, what's there to tell more in ads?

--When local candidates are spending huge in their constituencies from their pockets, why the party should give ads for the sake of all?

--Rather wasting money here, it is better to invest the same on social media where viewership has dramatically increased.

On the other hand, the likes of BJP have come to power by promoting extensively about their work and candidates through TV and social media ads only. We have to see if the strategy of YSRC to stay far from TV ads will help them or not. 



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