Is TDP Funding Congress TV Ads
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The Congress party which could not make a deposit in 2014 in the aftermath of bifurcation is now desperately attempting to revive its chances in Andhra Pradesh. As a party with a long and strong political history in the state, it has unfortunately met a bad fate as the wrath of bifurcation still persists among the state's citizens. However, the party's inclusion of special status in their manifesto and Rahul Gandhi's promise have come as a breather for the party's revival in the state.

The Congress and the TDP, though in partnership at the national level, have decided to contest alone in Andhra Pradesh. This decision came after their alliance bombed in Telangana with a bad defeat against the TRS. According to sources in the Congress, now the TDP apparently is giving a "secret support" to the party. The secret support for the Congress has come in the form of promoting the party extensively on TV with advertisements that are said to be sponsored by the TDP. 

The Telugu Desam is also supporting the Congress' demand for Special Status for Andhra Pradesh, which the party has been demanding for quite sometime. The special status issue has also helped the TDP portray BJP in negative light and cash in on the sentiment. Driving the special status agenda, the Congress has been rolling out TV ads continuously in all big media outlets in Telugu states.

Politically too, pushing for Congress in Andhra Pradesh will help the TDP split YSR Congress' votebank, which will benefit the yellow party. On the other hand, Congress' traditional votebank which consists of minorities and are generally also a crucial category for YSRCP. Therefore, boosting Congress will definitely work for the TDP in YSRCP's strongholds. 



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