Interstate Portable Ration Cards: Now AP People Can Receive Ration In Telangana
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Andhra Pradesh's portable public distribution system, which has been introduced so far within the province, has now spread to states. The poor who have moved from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana for jobs are provided products with interstate portability, which will be very beneficial. Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states have been described by the central government as a cluster and have introduced a policy of taking products anywhere.

The method of taking products anywhere in the nation is expected to be introduced if it is successfully enforced without any obstacles in the Telugu states. As many as 349 people with ration cards in different Andhra Pradesh districts took rice and other commodities in the neighbouring state of Telangana. In the meantime, on Sunday in this state, the distribution of the 12th installment of free goods began, where 9.76 lakh people got free goods on the first day and 1.34 lakh people from other parts of the state took rice and pulses for free through inter-district portability. In this installment, 1,50,80,690 rice cardholders were allocated 5 kg of rice per person in a family.

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