Indo-Pak Backdrop For Sukumar-Vijay's Film?
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Rowdy hero Vijay Devarakonda has formally announced that he is teaming up in 2021 with star producer Sukumar. Sukumar is currently busy with 'Pushpa' while Devarakonda is involved in 'Fighter's' works. They will join hands as soon as both the hero and the director become free and people are so hyped up about this combo. There were rumors that there would be a backdrop to the partition of India and Pakistan in this film. It is reportedly a drama of emotional action with partition and war between the countries woven around it. Grapevine suggests that in the role of a Jawaan who fights bravely for India, Vijay will be seen. This news has not been confirmed yet and we need to wait until it's talked about by the hero or director.

Lately, Sukumar has shown a lot of interest in regular films and rural backdrops. He has moved away from stylish urban movies. So it's no surprise that this rumor has become a reality. As per reports, Devarakonda will assign a large chunk of dates for this film and it is expected to kick-start in 2022. This film introduces Kedar Selagamsetty to Tollywood as a producer.

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