Indian Doctors, Aussies Found Cure For Coronavirus
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A week ago, an elderly Italian couple at a Jaipur hospital are treated with the combination of medications, Lopinavir and Ritonavir, which are used to treat HIV positive patients, and the doctors claimed that their condition got improved to a better state. And now, it looks like Australian researchers have also found the same thing.

Researches from University of Queensland have claimed that the combination of two existing medications including Chloroquine, which is used to treat Malaria and HIV related drugs, Lopinavir and Ritonavir, have managed to wipe out COVID-19 infections. They claimed that when HIV medication is administered to people infected with the coronavirus in Australia, it led to the disappearance of the virus.

That's a claim even Indian doctors have made after they administered similar combination to Italian tourists, a husband and wife, who are admitted in Jaipur hospital after their condition turned worse due to Coronavirus infection. In fact, doctors are claiming that more research should be done, but if these existing drugs are really the cure, then COVID-19 could be tackled quite effectively.

While COVID-19 is receding in China with not more than 15 new cases registered daily, situation is turning worse in Italy as 3,590 new cases are added other day taking the total number to 24,747 cases while 1,809 are dead among them. And cases are raising faster in Spain (9,428 cases - 335 deaths) and Germany (6,924 cases - 16 deaths), while in India the number of cases stood at 114, there are 2 deaths



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