I Cant Imagine My Life Without Akira And Aadya - Renu Desai
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Renu Desai took part in 'Alitho Saradaga' as the celebrity guest. She opened up on her film career, personal life, children and second marriage. It's known that this former Actress is getting ready to marry again. Her fiance sent a sweet voice message to Renu making use of this chat show - 'Renu...You are a wonderful person. Your life style and the productive work you do makes Me proud. I began respecting you more upon witnessing how you manage your work and responsibilities. You have brought up Akira and Aadya so well as single mother. Both of them are humble, kind and well-mannered. Whole credit goes to you for being a Super Mom. You are caring, kind and loving person...you will stay happy. Even during tough times, You know how to bounce back. You aren't not only Woman Of The Year, but Decade and Century'.

Heart-Touching Words of Akiran Nandan became the highlight of the whole episode. 'Amma...Most Beautiful & Strongest Woman I have seen. She gave us birth and offered us love. She was the one who introduced Me to this World. Can't say how much I love and respect you. I love you Amma..I will always be by your side,' told the Youngster.

Renu Desai got emotional upon listening to the message from Akira Nandan. She commented, 'I can't imagine my life without Akira and Aadya'.

When quizzed about marriage, Renu informed: 'It's getting delayed as both Me and My Fiance have children. Marriage isn't a joke. We need to think about every aspect and move forward'.



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