I Am Unfit In Politics So I Quit - Bandla Ganesh
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His name was a sensation in the Telangana assembly elections. He joined Congress and in no time got appointed as official spokesperson. Then he exuded over confidence that Congress will come into power in Telangana and KCR will face a humiliating defeat. If this doesn't happened he also dared to cut his throat. By now you might have guessed it properly and yes he is Bandla Ganesh.

All of a sudden, he announced that he is quitting politics and is now not related to any political party. That was Bandla Ganesh short and sensational six months of political innings. But why Ganesh took such a drastic decision to leave politics? Well, we have to hear it from him because it sounds appropriate.

"I'm unfit in politics and so quit. In politics, you can't live in reality whereas I do in real life," said Ganesh. Nevertheless, Ganesh said his wish is to see Rahul Gandhi in Prime Minister position and his boss Pawan Kalyan as Andhra Pradesh chief minister.

When asked about Andhra Pradesh politics and which party could possibly form the next government, Ganesh replied, "I live in Telangana and wasn't unable to guess what's happening here properly. How I can comment on Andhra Pradesh politics." This is quite diplomatic and Ganesh played safe here, which we usually don't hear it from the comedian turned producer.



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