I Am Not A B Com Physics Politician-Madhavi Latha
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Actress Madhavi Latha said she is not a B.Com physics politician and is quite well educated compared to many in the state of AP. Few days back this 'Nacchavule' lady joined BJP and also managed to get an assembly ticket. No regional party in Andhra Pradesh state has ethical values and so she preferred a national party. She is contesting from Guntur West constituency and is campaigning intensively for the past couple of days.

Speaking about her experience, Madhavi Latha said, "I have almost covered all the divisions of the constituency. The response from public is amazing and they are welcoming me like their own daughter." When asked what she will do for the constituency, if get elected as MLA, she replied that, there are no different problems in Guntur. People want better roads, drinking water and other basic facilities.

Madhavi Latha added that she wanted to join politics in 2014 but restrained herself so as to gain knowledge about politics and issues related to the public. "The last five years, I have spent more time, learning about things and public life. But there is a lot yet to be learned," opined she.

When asked about film actors entering politics, Madhavi Latha seems to have soft corner for profession. "Actors are good people too. They don't have thoughts of entering politics and doing scams. Few of them come to politics without knowledge and then learn things," added Madhavi Latha.

She said that she will still be with people and fight for their problems even if she loses the elections and is here to stay for long.



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