Hyderabad Unique And Innovative 'Oxygen Park' Under A Fly Over
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Hyderabad: An oxygen park spread over a wide wilderness area is associated with one, but it is unimaginable under a flyover. The brainchild of L B Nagar MLA Devi Reddy Sudeer Reddy, the open area under the flyover is soon to be transformed into an oxygen park with trees producing the maximum oxygen by adoring the area. The planned park will be built by March next year under the new flyover coming up near Kamineni Hospital Chourasta. The entire area will have a green fence containing creepers, estimated to be built at a cost of Rs 50 lakh, so that no one will be able to access the park at will and look beautiful.

"When I discussed the concept with KTR", Sudheer Reddy said, "He was interested and said we need to use open spaces in an creative way. Not only will the oxygen park keep beggars away, but it will also benefit the ecosystem." A team is studying selected plants that provide more oxygen. "According to a clean air report by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Sudheer Reddy says," there are nearly two dozen plants that help clean both the indoor and outdoor climate. We will pick and grow plants in the park. Plants like peace lily, English Ivy, Snake plant, Dwarf Date Palm, Areca Palm, Weeping Fig and many more will be planted." There will also be a suitable seating area and a walking track in the park. There is a lot of traffic on either side of the flyover, otherwise this area will play a major role in neutralizing air pollution.

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