Hyderabad: Pharma Firm Announces Free Covid Medicine
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MSN Group, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Hyderabad, has announced free supply of Favilow (Favipiravir) tablets to all front-line employees including physicians, nurses, journalists, police and sanitation staff who have tested positive for Covid-19 while carrying out their duties. Front-line staff around the country can take advantage of this by presenting Favilow's free delivery test report, doctor's prescription and job ID at the customer service desk. The novel plan will be accessible for the 2020 pandemic year.

"We want to express our unity in showing outstanding service during this pandemic situation to all front-line combatants. We believe it is our duty as an organisation to honour and represent all the courageous hearts, "Dr. MSN Reddy, CMD, MSN Community said. In a press release, MSN Group's Honorary National President, Indian Medical Association (IMA), Dr. Rajan Sharma, and Honorary Secretary General, IMA, Dr. R V Asokan appreciated coming forward and supplying the medication at no fee.

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