Hyderabad Honour Killing: Youngster Murdered By In-Laws
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Hyderabad: A young man was kidnapped and murdered in Kistaiahguda, Sangareddy District, allegedly by his father-in - law and his relatives. For about eight years, the younger Hemanth had been in a relationship with Avanthi, and the two married against the wishes of Avanthi's father, Laxma Reddy, and her other family members. The couple began to reside in the TNGO colony of Gachibowli after marriage. Sources said her uncle Yugender Reddy and other relatives arrived at their home in Chandanagar on Thursday night and forcibly took them away in a car saying they were being taken to the parents of Avanthi.

They took them towards Zaheerabad when the car reached the Outer Ring Road. It was then that the couple got alert and jumped out of the moving vehicle. Yugender then arrived in a car with two unidentified people and kidnapped Hemanth. They reportedly took him to the district of Sangareddy and killed him. In the bushes of the Kishtayagudem suburb of Sangareddy district, Hemanth's body was found. Last night, Hemanth's dead body was transferred by the Gachibowli police to Hyderabad. The team from Sangareddy Clues went to Kishtayagudem to collect proof of the murder. Hemanth's family members alleged negligence on the part of the police because they reached the spot late.

Both were reportedly kidnapped by hired assassins on Thursday afternoon, according to reports. The young woman escaped from the car, however, and informed the police. She said that if the Gachibowli police had responded in a timely manner to her complaint, the murder would not have occurred. Hemant's body was shifted for postmortem to Osmania Hospital.

Earlier, Pranay Kumar's honour killing created a sensation in both states. At the Arya Samaj temple in Hyderabad on January 30, 2018, a 24-year-old Pranay married Amrutha, the daughter of Maruthi Rao. Amrutha's father, an influential Miryalguda businessman, was allegedly opposed to an inter-caste marriage. In broad daylight, Pranay was hacked to death as he came out of a hospital with his pregnant wife Amrutha on September 14, 2018 after a checkup in Miryalaguda town.

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