Hyderabad: Health Department Gives Green Signal To IT Companies To Resume Operations
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Hyderabad: The State Health Department has called on Hitech City and Cyberabad IT companies to resume their operations with safety precautions and dispersed employee duties. It reported that all companies and agencies are resuming operations, but taking all appropriate precautions that are appropriate for the hour. DME K Ramesh Reddy and Public Health Director G Srinivas Rao said a company with 100 employees will resume work every day with one-third of its employees in the office. They found out over 3 lakh government workers doing tasks taking safety precautions for Covid-19.

In the meantime, plans are underway to equip each bed in the GHMC limits of the state government hospitals and in all districts with oxygen facilities in the coming months. K Ramesh Reddy clarified that there are currently 22,000 beds in government hospitals, of which 7,172 are fitted with an oxygen line, while another 1225 are ICU beds with oxygen and ventilator facilities. Now there are almost 8,000 plus oxygen lines and in the coming months the remaining 14,000 will be shielded. For not only Covid patients, but also non-Covid patients with respiratory, cardiac and other problems in the future, oxygen lines for all beds will be beneficial.

The number of oxygen beds in government hospitals was just 1,665 prior to Covid, officials pointed out. Meanwhile, with the continuous monitoring of the government, the health department has reported that the number of complaints regarding private hospitals is slowly dropping. Just 110 complaints were received in September out of 819 complaints in August, said G Srinivasa Rao, Health Director.

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