Hyderabad: GHMC SMS About Shortfall In BRS Applications, Creates Panic In Public
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Hyderabad: It has been three days since people woke up to the SMSs sent by the GHMC about the shortage of applications for the Building Regularisation Scheme (BRS), leading the public to panic. At the town planning wing of the GHMC headquarters, they are making beelines. Jayasree, a resident of Sainathpuram's Shree Apartment, says, "When we approached the GHMC, we were told that shortfall notices were sent to all applicants and would be intimated after a couple of weeks and even now the GHMC has not yet completed scrutiny."

Many applicants who received SMSes report that they were unable to log in to know the status of their issue. Sreedevi KP, a resident of Chilkalguda, complained, "I received an SMS, but the website says the mobile number does not fit when I tried to log in. How could I then receive an SMS?" Gopinath, another vexed applicant, says he submitted all documents including the sanction plan, sale deed, current plan, certificate of market value, indemnity bond, certificate of structural stability and all other requirements and yet received a notice. In addition, he added, "It has been four years and there is still scrutiny. How many times do you have to submit documents?"

The applicants who built on government property, within colony parks, inside maximum tank level of water bodies and without a specific title were sent an outright rejection intimation. The GHMC has demolished close to 3,000 unauthorised buildings to date. Many have reached the court, officials claim, and hence the pause in going all-out on the removal of illegal buildings. Many are looking at the timing of the notices just ahead of the GHMC elections to bring in the much-needed capital. As per rough estimates, it was possible to raise between Rs 900 crore and Rs 1,000 crore somewhere.


In 2015, the scrutiny of applications began.

1.3 lakh illegal structures under the Building Regularisation Scheme (BRS) are anticipating regularisation.

Intimations of rejection were sent to 2,000 applicants and notices of default to over 90,000 applicants.

HC ordered GHMC chief to provide information of illegal constructions pending in courts before it

GHMC has received 10,600 complaints seeking to demolish illegal buildings in the GHMC area.

It has listed 10,000 illegal buildings and over 3,000 have been demolished.

The High Court confronted 2,400 building owners and received restriction orders.

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