Hyderabad: Engineer Innovates A Ground-breaking Tool For Covid Treatment
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Hyderabad: Covid fostered various inventions, even from unlikely placces. An engineer producing mileage enhancers for the automotive industry has repurposed the machinery to deliver corona warrior inhalation therapy. David Eshkol, Jerusha Green's chief technologist and founder, has made mileage enhancers using ultrasonic waves and plasma under the 5 M Mileage Boost brand. He used the lockdown time to get Covid's understanding, how it affects tissues, and what needs to be done to prevent it from being lethal. He discovered in the process that he already has a forum for innovations that can be useful. Since March 2020 he has worked on a machine to provide inhalation therapy for healing gas under the brand 5 M Health Boost Scheme.

The gas that comes from Eshkol's machine must be infused into a person by means of a respirator. The gas helps to minimise dyspnoea (hunger for food or shortness of breath). It also helps to minimise airway stenosis, a disorder in which airway narrowing impedes the flow of air into the lungs, he said. In the lungs, the gas also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the nasal passage, trachea, bronchioles, and alveoli. It also helps in restoring the functions of bronchioles and alveoli, Eshkol said.

Eshkol demonstrated this at the Online Intinta Innovator Exhibition-2020 and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for his 5 M Health Boost by the Telangana State Innovation Cell in August 2020. "I am available to science, nature cure and Covid treatment dispensing teams to test and verify my claims' veracity. This can be taken up by a pilot, "said Eshkol, who used the inhalation therapy system on himself, his wife and two daughters who completely recovered.

Eshkol said on his own knowledge that he suffered from a shortage of oxygen, coughing and other related ailments. He was subjected to inhalation therapy and found all criteria enhancing his fitness. No medicine is used, and oxygen is not the gas used. "We found no side effects. It helps to reduce mucous, which will block oxygen flow and expel carbon dioxide from the body if hardens, "Eshkol said.

The computer has 30, 60 and 90 minute timer. It will cost around Rs 1,500 for a 30-minute inhalation session, and cost Rs 3,000 for 60 minutes. This will be handy for the Covid warriors in frontline. "We will give various health bodies presentations about my technology," he said, adding that the system was made locally with components from Ranigunj, RP Path, Balanagar and other areas.

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