Huge Criticism On Central Govt's Decision !
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Recently a decision taken by central government is raising huge negativity and also the central government is facing high criticism for taking few things for granted and will have to pay a price if the decision is not taken back or else criticism on the central government will reach peaks at this pandemic movement. Even the word Criticism is a common behavioural expression expressed by any part or sector of the society on any aspect or issue and Incident. Generally, criticism is done when something happens that is very below the level of expectations or something happens against some one's belief system or pattern. Criticism is something that is expressed very hardly and wildly. 

Accordingly, here as the whole country is in complete lock down facing a pandemic situation and fighting against the very dangerous coronavirus. Also due to lockdown there are many problems that are raising in the society. The below middle class section is fighting hard in order to get their essential needs for survival. In this crisis situation a decision taken by the central government is so pathetic and an absolute disastrous decision it is.

Actually, The Food Corporation of India is having excess food grains and for the excess food grains central government has ordered to take those all food grains and bring out hand sanitizers using the food grains. How foolish a decision this is, When people are dying with hunger all over. How can the central government take this intolerable decision ? Yeah, being an agricultural nation we might be fine today with enough food materials but we do need to think about the future or at least export these food grains to the countries which are dying with hunger. Thereby let's Hope that the central government reviews their decision and does the right thing. 

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