High Stake Nadigar Sangam Elections Cancelled
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Nadigar Sangam Elections are supposed to happen on June 23rd. Nasser-Vishal Camp which is holding the power until now is being challenged by Bhagyaraj-Eshwari Ganeshan's Camp in this election. Already, War of words has begun between the two groups. A video released by Vishal criticising former Nadigar Sangam President Sarath Kumar kicked up a storm. Sarath Kumar's Wife Radhika and Daughter Varalakshmi slammed the 'Pandem Kodi' Actor for targeting the person who isn't even contesting the election.


Just when everyone is getting ready for a close fight, Registrar Of Societies cancelled the June 23rd Nadigar Sangam Elections. This decision was taken based on the complaint filed by 61 Suspended Members.

The Complainants accused Nasser-Vishal's Pandavar Team of scrapping their names from the voters list only to obtain a favourable result. Both the Groups received a rude shock with the cancellation of the elections.



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